Friday, March 27, 2009

Go Ye Therefore

This scripture and picture illustrates the very reason and purpose for which we do missionary work.

Missionary Angels

A reminder of the extra help that comes from above to those who are engaged in the Lords work.

Welcome to the official Blog for Golden Street Artworks and Distribution. To us quality is everything. We are mainly a wholesale company that creates, publishes and distributes our own products. We feature a line of products called Missionary TOONS created by Animation Artist Scott T. Petersen. Founded in early 2008, by Scott T. Petersen, Golden Street Artworks already has an impressive product line up which includes poster packs, framed artwork printed on canvas, matted prints, coin banks, T-shirts, post cards, greeting cards sticker sets etc. and the list keeps growing. So keep your eye out for new and exciting things coming soon from Golden Street Artworks and Distribution.
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Above you can see all of our images that we have available for the Missionary TOONS line.